Can any you charge a Tesla at home?

How can you charge your Tesla at home? & what’s the best charger for your Tesla?

Is it possible to charge a Tesla at home?

Of course. It would be silly for Tesla to sell cars which you can’t charge at home! You can even do it from a plug socket, but this would take a much longer time than a normal EV charger.

Can I charge my Tesla at work?

Of course! Assuming your work have a charger available. If they don’t, send them our way!

What is the best charger for your Tesla?

Tesla actually sell their own chargers! Tesla’s Wall Connector offers the fastest recharge speeds possible in addition to intuitive features such as customisable power levels and connectable with your Tesla app.

Perfect for home charging, and commercial/office parking areas. Available with two different cable lengths: 2.5m and 7.5m. This helps provide flexibility for the charging point location, with the 2.5m option being ideal for cable management (such as in a home garage), whilst the 7.5m option provides a longer reach for larger parking areas (such as office parking or large driveways).

WBEV offer supply and installation of Tesla Wall Connectors for homes & businesses.

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